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Test Products

Gain Feedback

Collect  Data

& Launch

So you created a great product... now what?


Allow The Launch to provide the answers you need. In our specialized concept shop, real retail shoppers can take the wheel and drive your products to a successful and profitable launch.


This thorough, first-step approach will allow you to structure margins properly and potentially help save from overstock and unsellable inventory.

Let’s Launch!


The Launchpad


Welcome to The Launch, the ultimate solution for launching products. Our innovative concept shop takes the hassle out of launching a product, by bringing your items to a special launchpad section where consumers can give you direct feedback before they go to market. Make the most of launching your product with The Launch!


Shop The Launch

The Launch is a fresh new store located in the Turnstyle Underground Market in Columbus Circle, NYC. We offer a unique platform for companies and small business owners to showcase their products through our store. With lots of foot traffic and a busy atmosphere, The Launch offers an ideal platform for any business to get their products out in the market and start making a name for themselves. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in business for years, The Launch is the perfect place to showcase your product and get your brand out there. Come check us out today and see how we can help you reach your goals!

What We Do

Allow REAL consumers to drive your product’s launch… BEFORE takeoff.

Consumer Driven

Test your products on our Launchpad to gain true and honest consumer feedback about your items before mass producing for the market.

Real Feedback

By showcasing your concept items on our platform you can hear directly from the consumer, asking them any questions you’d like to know.


Launch Specialists

Our detailed customer surveys and trained team of Launch Specialists will collect valuable insights on product design and more.

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